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The All Hands Health Network can help you and your family access the resources you need. If you live in 60651 or 60639, please take our needs assessment to receive a FREE personalized list of local resources.

To get started, call our helpline. It's 3 easy steps!

  1. Take our 5 minute survey.
  2. We'll ask you questions to learn about the support you and your family may need.
  3. You'll receive a list of local and quality resources based on your needs. 

Not interested in the Need Assessment, but want to find resources ? Click this link to access our FindRX.

Using our FindRX tool, you can locate resources nearest to you! You can browse by category or search with a keyword to identify a local organization to help. FindRx is available 24/7 online and free to anyone to use.

Meet Our Resource Coordinators

By providing service coordination to you and your families, our Resource Coordinators are focused on creating access to the supports you need. We’re also dedicated to making sure you have the support you need to stay healthy, like access to nutritious foods, mental healthcare and more.

Meet Our Resource Coordinators

Needs Assessment

Have you received a text message about the AHHN Needs Assessment? Please click the link in the message to take our short, quick needs assessment to get help in finding resources in your community.

Haven't received this text, but interested in taking our Needs Assessment? Click here to sign up!


BUILD is a nationally respected gang intervention, violence prevention, and youth development organization based on Chicago’s West Side. They work to save lives and mentor young people who live in the city’s most challenged neighborhoods.

M Street

M Street Pediatric Therapy provides pediatric therapy services for children through Early Intervention.

Westside Health Authority

Offering a diverse variety of activities and supportive services for residents on the Westside of Chicago, Westside Health Authority promotes building a community of whom we aspire to be.

Reoccuring Events

We hope to see you there!

1st Tuesday of every month 
Mission of Our Lady of the Angels Food Pantry
3814 West Iowa Street
Chicago, IL 60651

2nd Thursday of every month 
Iglesia Evangelica Food Pantry
5016 W. Armitage
Chicago, IL 60639

3rd & Last Wednesday of every month 
PCC Wellness - Parkside
115 N Parkside Ave
Chicago, IL 60644

2nd & 3rd Thursday of every month 
PCC Wellness - Salud
5359 W Fullerton Ave 
Chicago, IL 60639

2nd Friday & 4th Monday of every month 
PCC Wellness - Austin 
5425 W Lake street 
Chicago, IL 60644