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Annual AHHN Survey

Receive your List of Resources Today! Every Year, AHHN will ask you to take our survey. 

You may receive a text message similar to the image shown here.

3 Easy Steps to get Connected:

  1. When you recieve your text message, you can click the link to take our 5-minute, secure survey. You can also call our helpline to speak to someone in English or Spanish: 312-971-3044
  2. The survey asks you questions to learn about the support you and your family may need and connect you to resources in your local community.
  3. Based on your answers, you will receive a list of local and quality resources.
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Meet Our Resource Coordinators

Our Resource Coordinators are dedicated to making sure you have the support you need to stay healthy, by helping you find access to nutritious foods, mental healthcare and more.

Meet Our Resource Coordinators

Tinfang Clinic

Rodrigue Tinfang MD family Health Ltd. is a private practice that provides compassionate care to a diverse population and to a community that remains underserved. Dr. Tinfang patient population includes at least 15-20 % children in the Austin community. He looks forward to his continued partnership with Lurie’s All Hands Network and our mission of reducing the health inequities of children and families!

IWS Family Health

For over 100 years, IWS Family Health has focused on the health needs of children and their families. Today, their healthcare home provides accessible and high-value healthcare services and education to underserved and vulnerable Chicago families, which includes Pediatric Primary Care; Adult Health; Reproductive Health; Prenatal Care and many more! 

A House in Austin

A House in Austin stands as a nurturing hub on Chicago's west side, working to empower both parents and children, igniting transformation within the community. This grassroots non-profit is a lifeline for families with children aged 0-12, with a special emphasis on those in their crucial early years, from 0 to 5.