A House in Austin

A House in Austin stands as a nurturing hub on Chicago's west side, working to empower both parents and children, igniting transformation within the community. This grassroots non-profit is a lifeline for families with children aged 0-12, with a special emphasis on those in their crucial early years, from 0 to 5.

Children come to A House in Austin to explore art, music, play, and learning, establishing a solid foundation for their future. Simultaneously, parents discover a supportive space for connection, personal growth, and the mastery of new culinary skills. Through their home visiting program, they provide essential services such as diapers, clothing, transportation, and emergency aid, ensuring that families' basic needs are met.

With partnerships in Early Intervention and Children's Research Triangle, they offer therapy and mental health support, completing the circle of care. A House in Austin exudes warmth, creating an environment where families can truly thrive, side by side.

 To learn more about A House in Austin, please visit their website.