Chicago Public Schools' Children and Family Benefits Unit

Chicago Public Schools’ Office of Student Health and Wellness (OSHW) works to remove health related barriers to learning for all 340K students and their families. Located in OSHW, the Children

Onward House

All Hands Health Network is grateful to have Onward House’s Executive Director, Mario F. García, as the co-chair of the Engagement and Communication committee. Located in the heart of

Erie Family Health

Erie Family Health Centers is a 63-year-old community health center system that provides medical, dental and behavioral healthcare and health education to 80,000 patients at 13 locations across the

Community Counseling Centers of Chicago C4

C4 is a community mental health agency serving West and North Chicago. C4 provides intensive community-based services to youth and adults, as well as traditional and community-based outpatient

M Street Pediatric Therapy

M Street Pediatric Therapy is a pediatric therapy company who serves children through Early Intervention and also privately. They serve children with disabilities or special needs and their families

Northwest Center

We are happy to shine our Partner Spotlight on Northwest Center, an community organization serving the needs of Chicago families! The Northwest Center (formerly Northwest Side Housing Center (NWSHC))