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Chicago Public Schools' Children and Family Benefits Unit

Chicago Public Schools’ Office of Student Health and Wellness (OSHW) works to remove health related barriers to learning for all 340K students and their families. 

Located in OSHW, the Children and Family Benefits Unit (CBFU) and their highly skilled and trained staff provide robust case management services to guide families and communities through the diverse range of social service programs. CFBU is dedicated to helping our communities navigate health care and public benefits such as SNAP and free-low cost health insurance, they have developed a 3 pillar approach center on: 

  1. Enrollment: ensuring students and families have regular access to food and connecting them to health insurance that is accessible, comprehensive, continuous, "coordinated" and culturally competent. 
  2. Engagement: ensuring that all students and families connected and informed to help them make better educated decisions on how to pursue health care and other critical social services. 
  3. Utilization: ensuring families are actively participating with their Medicaid health plan and primary care physician, i.e. Medical Home, to improve their quality of life.  

All Hands Health Network is grateful to have CPS as a collaborator. For more information call the Healthy CPS hotline at 773.553.KIDS (5437) or visit their website at