Community Counseling Centers of Chicago C4

C4 is a community mental health agency serving West and North Chicago. C4 provides intensive community-based services to youth and adults, as well as traditional and community-based outpatient therapy. C4 provides comprehensive services to support mental health needs, from case management, to therapy, to group supports, to psychiatry services and medication management. C4 aims to provide strength in communities, by building communities of care through our programs while also never losing sight of the communities served. All C4 services can be provided in person or via telehealth upon request. To obtain support, please call 773.769.0205

C4 offers 24/7 crisis response, stabilization, and prevention services for youth and adults. C4 provides crisis response coverage for the West and North Sides of Chicago, and the Northern Cook County Suburbs, serving 5,000 a year through their crisis services. Crisis response can be initiated by calling C4 directly at 773-369-0205 or by requesting SASS crisis services through the CARES hotline (1-800-345-9049). A C4 clinician can respond remotely or in person to crisis requests within 90 minutes and make recommendations for care internally or through referral to external providers. Additionally, they provide crisis call support 24/7, directly for both those in need of support and those that need guidance on how to get help. With crisis response, C4 looks to ensures responses are in the community, avoiding emergency room and inpatient admissions and seeking the least restrictive level of care, when possible. C4’s approach is collaborative and client-centered. Whenever possible, C4 looks to resolve the crisis at point of contact, and provides ongoing support to individuals and families after an assessment is completed. 

For more information regarding C4 (Community Counseling Centers of Chicago) please visit their website here: C4 Website