Westside Health Authority

Westside Health Authority (WHA) has been a staple in the Austin community for over 33 years. We offer a diverse variety of activities and supportive services for residents on the Westside of Chicago. The Westside Health Authority promotes building a community of whom we aspire to be. Westside Health Authority has several departments that specialize in supportive wraparound services.

WHA’s Good Neighbor campaign exists to connect neighbors and empower one another to share abilities and talents to help support a healthy, loving, and supportive community. Recent WHA events have been focusing on food insecurity, economic development, violence prevention, and more. Westside Health Authority’s Youth Innovation Center enriches youth through advocacy and mentoring. Some programs include app design, podcast, workforce development, life skills, civic engagement, and mentorship. The images above are from an event held by The Youth Innovation Center and One Summer Chicago youth. You can learn more about WHA by visiting their website, healthauthority.org